4:30pm All Souls Commemoration Service

Abstract Love - Luiza Vizoli
Sunday 5th November 2017

Our All Souls  Commemoration  Service will take place on Sunday 5 November at 4.30pm. It is a time to remember the lives of those whom we have loved and are no longer with us. 

It will be a quiet gentle service lasting no more than 45 minutes, during which we will remember those we have lost by name.  Afterwards there will be tea and cakes served in the lounge.

Please just turn up, it is open to family and friends, but if you would like the name of your loved one to be remembered and read out during the service please contact Lynn, our Parish Administrator (0208 464 5244), in the church office which is open Monday to Friday until noon. There are also  lists in the church and chapel to add names of loved ones.

With every good wish,

Anne Jablonski

Vicar of Bromley Parish Church