Bromley Relief In Need

BRIN was formed in 1973 from an amalgamation of several ancient local charities that have been helping people in Bromley since 1631!

BRIN can offer small grants (usually up to £300) to a person in need living in Bromley.  

All requests should be sent from professional third party sponsors such as social workers, healthcare professionals, religious leaders or another charity.

Please see our examples below to see the type of applications that BRIN is likely to approve.  To find out more see BRIN’s website here.


  • Bedding for a mother on Income support with four children, deserted by her violent husband.
  • Grant towards a week's caravan holiday for a family of five, no Dad.
  • Grant towards an educational school trip for two 14-year-old boys.
  • Voucher towards decorating costs for a single mother doing the work herself.
  • Train tickets for a single mother to visit her very homesick eight-year-old son at a special school for disabled in Devon.