The choir in rehearsal

Bromley Parish Church choir and supporters gather at Durham Cathedral

The Cathedral is wearing a bandage while stonework is being repaired
Anyone who is "caught" holding this can claim sanctuary in the Cathedral

Choir sing in Durham Cathedral

Here are some images from the choir visit to Durham
The choir sang at the Saturday Evensong service and at Matins, Holy Communion and Evensong services on Sunday.
Frank conducted expertly and with our former assistant organist Alex Fishburn accompanying them, the choir sounded fantastic. A large number of the congregation, friends and family made the journey north to give their support.
It was a memorable experience worshipping and singing in such a historic place.
With the fabulous weather everybody had a great time and there was ample opportunity for fellowship with coffee and meal breaks.
There were plenty of opportunities to have a look around the Cathedral, adjacent Castle and the historic city in between rehearsals, and to soak up the vibrant atmosphere.
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