At a glance

  • Bromley Parish Church is supporting 4 boys through Footsteps
  • Footsteps works with local partners in Kenya
  • Boys are looked after at Sunshine Rehabilitation Centre
  • Footsteps cares for boys that have lived on the streets and gives them hope, a home and a new life



Footsteps International

The latest news on 4 boys in Kenya supported by Bromley Parish Church through Footsteps International

Josphat is in class 7 at Karai Primary School. His general conduct was above average. His discipline and interactions with other boys and staff is impressive. His academic performance is fair with a good performance in social studies. He is a potential candidate for KCPE exams. When not at school, Josphat loves reading story books as his pastime.

Moses was promoted to class 5 at Karai Primary School at the beginning of this term. He has continued to perform extremely well . He was ranked position 1 out of 53 pupils with an excellent performance in Maths. Moses is a also a good footballer and gives a hand with the domestic chores at the Sunshine Centre.  He is a gifted young man.

Owen is in class 3 at Karai Primary School.  He sometimes gets into mischief and has attempted to run back to the streets due to the influence of
another boy!  He is now doing well. He has the
potential to do better in his class-work. He is taking time to settle at Sunshine. Sometimes the lure of street life takes some time to overcome.

Samuel was promoted to class 5 at Karai Primary School in early 2016 and posted an above average performance in his academics. His best subject is English. He is a boy of good manners and respect to his seniors.
He is great fun and loves having his photo taken

Please remember them in your prayers.

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