Serving Traidcraft Coffee
Saturday Cafe and Traidcraft

Saturday Café and Traidcraft

Saturday Café

Come and savour the smell and delights of real Traidcraft coffee at our Saturday Morning Café in the Church rooms between 10.15 and 12.00.  The vicar and pastoral assistants usually come along to have the chance to meet people and there are many others from the church or local community to meet up with. So come and have a rest and a chat over coffee biscuits and toast.


Our church was one of the first places in Bromley to sell Traidcraft goods and we still have a stall selling their products from around the world.  Traidcraft fights poverty through trade, helping people in developing countries to transform their lives.  One of the UK’s fair trade pioneers, Traidcraft goes far beyond simply applying fair trade standards to its products. Traidcraft is committed to innovating, campaigning, building lasting relationships with its suppliers, and engaged in a wide range of charitable projects as well.