The Bromley Homeless Shelter

The Bromley Homeless Shelter is a project run by the ‘Churches Together in Central Bromley’ to help homeless people. Throughout the year. we provide guidance to homeless people or those at risk of homelessness in partnership with LATCH at the United Reformed Church in Widmore Rd. central Bromley.  We also run a Night Shelter during the winter months.

The Bromley Winter Night Shelter runs from early December to mid March to provide temporary accommodation for Bromley homeless people during the winter months and, hopefully, find a long term solution to their problems. In the evenings we share a meal together with up to 15 people in a central Bromley location. Our guests then sleep overnight in a warm church hall. In the morning they are served a hot or cold breakfast and usually given a packed lunch before they leave. 

Our goal is not just to provide temporary accommodation but also to help our guests to turn their lives around.

Each year, we seek volunteers to help run the Shelter.  We especially need 'Overnight Sleepers'.  These are men and women who, in pairs, join the guests for dinner and then sleep overnight with them at the Night Shelter to ensure its smooth running. When needed, they also lend a sympathetic ear to our guests and help them to settle in to the Shelter’s way of life.   It's very important that volunteers register online each year, even if they have helped at the Shelter previously so that we can keep our records in order and ensure that we can contact them as needed. 

We are an entirely voluntary organisation with no paid staff.  We receive no funding, except that which we can raise through our own efforts such as our annual sponsored 'sleep out' each November.

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